Two podcasts have posted recently, where the host talked with me about the art and craft of conducting great interviews. One was with a management/leadership resources company in London, England, called Mind Tools, and the other was with Shaun Tabatt, who hosts a program primarily for authors and thought leaders.

Dean interviewing another great interviewer/podcaster, Krista Tippett

Both interviewers were well prepared — good for them! That made the conversation so much more interesting and useful for listeners, in my opinion. They also had completely different applications for great interviews. In my view, the applications are endless — management, leadership, author promotion, podcast, parenting, human resources, financial planning, social work, medicine, journalism, and on and on.

Here’s the Mind Tools blog and podcast:

And here’s the Shaun Tabatt interview:

Feel free to contact me if you want to Talk To Me with your own application of these ideas!