Dean Nelson has published hundreds of articles and stories in his career.  Featured in publications like the New York Times, San Diego Union Tribune, Relevant, San Diego Magazine, and many others, Dean’s writings have included investigative reporting, travel writing, current events, profiles, and humor.

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Travel Writing
In Plain Sight

In this series of articles Dean Nelson explores how to recognize the presence and grace of God in the chaos and monotony of everyday life.

If you find these topics interesting, Dean's 2009 book "God Hides in Plain Sight: How to See the Sacred in a Chaotic World" explores this to greater depths.

Storyline Blog: Donald Miller
Random Essays and Stories
Interviews & Profiles

What do the former President of Mexico Vicente Fox, Rob Bell, and Anne Lamott have in common? While many people talk about and have opinions on them, Dean Nelson has actually talked with them. Below you will find some of Dean's interviews that have been published in magazines like Relevant and Science and Spirit Magazine. Click on any of the titles below to download a PDF copy of the article. If you are interested in watching videos of some of Dean's interviews with writers such as Ray Bradbury, Phillip Yancey, Paul Farmer, and Rachel Held Evans, you can watch them here.

Current Events and Editorials

Dean Nelson has written extensively covering events of local and national interest, including investigative journalism into the inner workings of San Diego city hall, Hurricane Katrina, and the Heaven's Gate mass suicide in 1997. You can explore any of those articles by clicking the titles below to download a PDF copy.

John Polkinghorne
Book Review