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So after about three years of working on it, my book on John Polkinghorne, the world class physicist, Anglican priest, and all-around clear thinker, is now out in the US! I wrote it with another clear thinker, the provocative Karl Giberson, of Boston.

I am very excited to see Polkinghorne’s approach to faith and science out in the public in this way. He has written more than 30 books about the relationship between the two, but no one has written about him in this way.
Also, I was on KPBS Radio (the San Diego NPR affiliate) recently to talk about it, and I thought the interviewer was terrific. That made it a much more enjoyable and fruitful discussion. You can listen to it here.

Last month I had a piece in USA Today on Polkinghorne and why it’s okay to doubt, and on the same day I got my contributor copy of the Saturday Evening Post, which also has a story of mine on the scientist/priest. So it’s been all Polkinghorne for me lately. Pay attention to him. He’s worth listening to!