Why do people change their lives? What evokes a sense of repentance from them? Is it the awareness that they are loved completely, that God comes to them through Jesus? Now–as they are, not as they should be. They don’t have to do anything first. God does all the initiating. After nearly 50 years of study, teaching, preaching, and speaking, Reuben Welch will be the first to tell you: he has yet to discover all the answers to the numerous perplexities of the Christian life. ’This messes up those who have the system wired–the ones with certainty,’ Reuben says. ’God is a thing, and Jesus is a thing, and being a Christian is a thing, and sin is a thing.’ Then tears fill his eyes.But there’s one truth he’s absolutely sure of: no other person can better share the heartaches of life’s rugged pathway than the One in whom they will all find ultimate resolution. He’s a friend beyond comparison and comprehension.


Come as you are

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