So ForeWord magazine has nominated God Hides in Plain Sight as a finalist in the religion category for Book of the Year! If you look at the list of other finalists here, note that I’m competing against Pope Benedict XVI. I like my chances. Winners are announced in May.

The book has gotten some other good responses recently. Even though I feel very strongly about this idea of “sacramental living,” I was a little concerned about how some readers from Catholic and Orthodox traditions might view the book, since it was written by someone from an evangelical Protestant tradition that typically recognizes just two of the sacraments — baptism and communion. But at least one Catholic priest called it “a spiritual masterpiece” in his review in the North County Times newspaper. The entire review is here. Did he call the Pope’s book a masterpiece? I’m just saying.

The San Francisco Book Review said “Nelson is a strong writer, and his firm grasp of not only the importance of the sacraments, but also his insight into their meaning, created a book not only worth reading, but re-reading to continue to remind oneself about how to slow down and see the works of the Spirit as one goes about their life.” You can read the entire review  here.