A challenging account of faith in action, Heart and Soul is the story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Using illustrations from Heart-to-Heart International, the authors (Dean Nelson and Dr Gary Morsch) sound a call to discover a place of service in the local community and remind us of God’s faithfulness to those who would give a cup of water in his name. More than simply the story of a great organization, Heart and Soul is an empowering, inspirational tale about bringing dreams to reality.

Heart and Soul

Dean’s book Heart and Soul is available for purchase online from the publisher Beacon Hill Press.
“Heart and Soul tells of the incredible relief efforts done by Heart To Heart around the world on behalf of the victims of natural disasters and poor people everywhere. Readers will be both inspired and challenged to look inward and to consider how they might reach out and make a difference in the work in which we live.” Jeff Carr, Executive Director, Bresee Foundation, Los Angeles, California

(Gary Morsch) lives out the vision of one who has moved from success to significance and believes that ordinary people can change things, not only in the world at the end of their fingertips but halfway around the globe as well.” Dick Schubert, Former President, American Red Cross

“Heart and Soul is captivating expression of authentic Christian compassion. Don’t read this book unless you are prepared to be moved to a new level of creative service to others. You eyes will be opened to simple, practical ways to fulfill our Lord’s command to ‘love your neighbor.'” Jim Bond, General Superintendent, Church of the Nazarene

“Dr. Morsch’s book recounts a journey which began with a small group of ordinary folks who decided to act to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need. Heart to Heart International succeeds through their faith, tenacious energy, leadership, and infectious enthusiasm. After reading this inspirational book don’t be surprised to someday find yourself on a journey of your own helping them fulfill their mission!” Ed Connolly, Vice President Community Affairs, Hoechst Marion Roussel.

“Through this book, Heart and Soul, the authors inspire us with stories of real-life miracles that truly have impacted millions. Read this book for adventure. Read this book for inspiration. Read this book and you might decide to take some risks of your own.”