dscn0149While I may have walked yesterday where Thomas Becket and Richard Burton walked, I sat today where C.S. Lewis and JRR. Tolkien sat and compared notes, argued and discussed writing. It’s at a pub called The Eagle and Child. It is easy to imagine the rants that occurred there.

dscn0158Later, outside of Oxford, the gardener outside of Lewis’ house, called The Kilns, let me take a look around inside. The study overlooks a garden, which leads to a nature preserve. There was plenty in Lewis’ incredible mind already, but if he needed additional inspiration, the preserve could easily provide it. Those crazy gardners. You never know you you’re actually encountering when you talk to them.

















dscn0151I’m considering starting my own school here in Cambridge. Check out the hat. In the world of branding, the name and  the attire come before anything else.