I have lived in San Diego and been a member of the news media here for 25 years. I have witnessed a shrinking presence and influence of the local media, especially in the last few years, and so I was amused to hear about a recent incident at City Hall. Apparently a couple of Union-Tribune reporters yelled at some city workers.

I’m not much of a yeller, personally. Not even when I went to San Diego Gulls hockey games.  My friends aren’t yellers. My parents weren’t yellers. As a parent, I wasn’t a yeller. There’s plenty of yelling on talk radio and cable television. After a while, all that yelling is just noise. But sometimes, when it’s done infrequently, like when we need to warn someone or snap someone out of a stupor, it’s probably a good thing to do.  So when our local news organizations yell a little at the city, it’s probably a good thing. That’s how we let them know that we’re watching, holding them accountable.

In light of that view, I wrote this column in the Union-Tribune, and it ran in the paper and on its website Sunday, July 19.