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What Are Friends For? Sometimes It’s Easier Than You Think

This essay of mine appeared on Donald Miller’s Storyline Blog. One of the reasons I looked for...

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Talking About Writing in La Jolla, Chicago, and on the USS Midway

How’s this for three straight weekends of talking about writing? The first was at the La Jolla...

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Reaching For The Sky

This essay of mine originally appeared on Donald Miller’s Storyline Blog site. Three things st...

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Another Reason Why I’m Not a Ninja Warrior

This essay of mine recently appeared on Donald Miller’s Storyline Blog.   “That’s it,” I...

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Travel Writing Seminar in Iceland

In September I gave two talks to the Society of American Travel Writers in Reykjavik, Iceland, on th...

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  • Our washing machine broke recently, so my wife and I have been going to the local Laundromat. Late one night a homeless guy came in, found a leftover shirt and put it on. I gave him a sweatshirt and some socks. Then we went to the grocery store next door and got him some food. So here's my question: how will I even SEE people like this when we get a new washer? Gotta look. Gotta get out there. Gotta try.